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Are you considering an autumn wedding?

We have put together some fantastic reasons why you should definitely consider this colourful season and we have the perfect autumn wedding invitations to help you make up your mind.

Mainly, couples can be put off by the prospect of risky weather.  Don’t let that discourage you, in this country whatever time of year you choose to wed could result in a downpour or gale-force wind!   There is nothing more breath-taking than the sun shining on all those glorious autumnal colours.



With autumn's warm and golden natural palette containing rich reds, plums, yellows, burnt orange, caramel and copper creates a wonderful atmosphere making this an enchanting time of year to wed.


Apart from the warm colour range, when it comes to styling there are wonderful elements you can use and what's more they are free to collect from woodlands and parks; leaves, twigs, berries, acorns, seed heads and foliage.  You could also use apples, blackberries or pumpkins.


This season is heaven for the wedding photographer.  Not only do you have the autumnal setting creating an atmospheric and romantic backdrop but due to the time of year you may have the opportunity to grab the hour before sunset when the natural light is diffused and golden (known in the photography world as the golden hour).  In the summer months this hour would be much later therefore your outdoor shots will most likely have already been taken.


With autumn weddings fast becoming more popular some venues are no longer offering out-of-season rates however with it being quieter than the summer months you may still be able to obtain a lower rate.  Also there should be more venues, photographers, florists etc available on your wedding date allowing you more variety to choose from.


Avoiding the summer holidays is more likely to result in more acceptances from your guests.  There is nothing worse than discovering that key guest will not be able to make it due to an upcoming holiday.


There are lots of amazing options for your wedding flowers.  Unmistakeably the wonderful colours with the oranges, yellows and rich reds but you also have the opportunity to add interesting texture using berries and seasonal foliage.

So with all those notable reasons to choose the autumn season for your wedding, have a peek at our autumn wedding invitations

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